On Lila Adams' wedding day Bishop McKenzie barges in to stop the nuptials and claim the bride and the child she carries as his own. After collecting Lila, he heads to St. Louis to retrieve Angelique and Gavin, children from a previous marriage.

Bishop finds his newly established family difficult to pull together, thanks to the lies told by the children's malicious grandmother.

Lila, realizing she's married to a total stranger, demands their marriage be in name only, a demand which Bishop only briefly honors.

As they build a real family, Lila comes to love the children as much as she begins to desire their father. A vengeful, crooked man threatens to shatter their delicate, newfound joy. After a shootout that leaves Lila wounded, Bishop faces the horrifying prospect of losing the woman he loves.

THE GUNFIGHTER'S BRIDE is a delightful historical by a renowned contemporary romance writer. A non-stop read that truly satisfies. SENSUAL (Jan., 378 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager