Image of Gunmetal Magic


Image of Gunmetal Magic

The enormously riveting world of Kate Daniels expands to include a book featuring Kate’s BFF Andrea Nash. Mostly level-headed Andrea has seen her world implode after losing her position as a Knight of the Order — but that fallout makes for fabulous reading. The gang’s all here, but the shift in viewpoint brings additional depth to the world. A special book bonus for fans is the inclusion of the Kate-centric short story “Magic Gifts.” For Andrews’ legion of fans, this one hits the sweet spot of character development, relationship building and kick-ass thrills!

For much of her life, beastkin Andrea Nash has hidden her shapeshifter side and pretended to be fully human. It was a necessity to maintain her career as a Knight of the Order. In the aftermath of Erra’s rampage in Atlanta, Andrea not only lost her career, she also lost her relationship with Raphael Medrano, the alpha male of the Bouda clan. Rebuilding her life starts with Andrea joining her BFF Kate at Cutting Edge Investigations. Now Andrea has a case involving murdered shifters at a dig site that belongs to Raphael. A secret vault, venomous snakes and Raphael’s new bimbo ensure Andrea’s life is about to get very complicated. (ACE, Aug., 436 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith