Daffyd Reynard is on a quest to find young runaway Rosalind Osborne and safely return her to her family. Miss Margaret Shaw, Rosalind's companion, is also in pursuit of her errant charge because her livelihood depends on finding the chit.

When Meg's life is endangered, it's Daffyd who comes to her rescue, and much to his objections, they decide to continue the search together. Though Meg knows that Daffyd is part Gypsy, part aristocrat and an ex-convict, she finds herself falling in love with this glib man who says he'll never marry.

When their search is over, Meg leaves him. And even though her reputation is probably in tatters, she doesn't regret the time spent with Daffyd. Daffyd, meanwhile, doesn't think he's good enough for the prim, charming and passionate Meg. After much soul-searching, will he go after her, throw her over his shoulder in the Romany fashion and marry her?

This spinoff of Alas, My Love shows Layton's adeptness at creating a passionate and compelling novel. She combines a wickedly handsome hero with a prim and proper heroine, adding just the right amount of humor to keep the pages turning. SENSUAL (Nov., 370 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond