The World Wide Websters are back in a new adventure that has them dodging volcanic eruptions and mob justice. Austin and Ashley Webster, middle school students from Normal, Illinois, bop in and out of the Internet via a strange digital camera bought at a garage sale. But someone else is also bopping in and out of the web, and this guy looks just like Austin!

The cyber-clone frames Austin for spraying graffiti on school property. He hacks into websites and destroys programming that teaches biblical principles. Could this be the work of the Normal Council on Civil Correctness (NCCC), a group dedicated to eradicating anything on the web that refers to the Christian faith? Whizzing through websites in pursuit of the Austin look-alike, the kids meet Martin Luther King and hear the original "I Have a Dream" address.

Elmer delivers another high-speed, hilarious (yet educational) read for middle-grade youngsters with this fifth in the Hyperlinkz series. The premise of human "internauts" traveling inside the web continues to delight. (Apr., 128 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson