Combining history, myth and fantasy, Sara Douglass introduces her new Troy Game series with first book HADES' DAUGHTER. Never underestimate the power of a scorned woman. Adriadne betrays her father and her Minotaur brother for love of Theseus. But when Theseus leaves Crete, a pregnant Adriadne is left behind. Vengeance replaces love, and in an unholy bargain with the Minotaur, Adriadne destroys the underground labyrinths of the major Aegean cities, reserving Troy and its Kingman as future pawns.

Five generations have passed since Adriadne destroyed the labyrinths, double-crossed the Minotaur and moved to a cold island country in the north. Her daughter-heirs have been trained as Mistresses of the Labyrinth, waiting for the Kingman-heir to find them. Adriadne's legacy is to recreate the Troy Labyrinth in a new world—but the Minotaur isn't through with the Troy Game.

Ms. Douglass recreates the Aegean world and a pre-Celtic England in a sweeping epic that grabs your attention at the first page. The Game is to be played out over millennia, and brief viewpoint jumps lead readers to other historical venues in time. Now if only the wimpy heroine would get a life. (Jan., 560 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper