Half-breed Texas Ranger Chase McBride has been summoned to Sidewinder, Texas by his estranged fathers deathbed wish. Chase is undecided as to what to do until he discovers that a killer he has been hunting may be there.

When Faith Bryant stumbles into Chases camp, fleeing renegades who raided her home and killed her parents, he agrees to escort her home. When her fianci rejects her as a ruined woman, Chase asks Faith to marry him. She agrees, but she wants to get to know him before they decide this will be a real marriage.

Their first visit to the ranch is awkward, at best. His young ruthless stepmother, Clare, is furious that Chase is living under her roof and makes derogatory remarks about his illegitimacy and heritage. She will do whatever she can to get rid of Chase and Faitheven if it means resorting to murder.

THE HALF-BREED, second in The Secret Fires series, continues the story of the McBrides, begun in Elaine Barbieris The Wild One. Yet, this powerful story stands on its own and will captivate readers. Witty, tender, strong characters and plenty of action, as well as superb storytelling, make this a keeper. SENSUAL (Apr., 394 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager