Before getting married, successful Western artist Glynna Williams travels to Texas to paint, and finds herself in an adventure. After outlaws rob her stagecoach, Glynna wanders off to wait and draw. Lost in her work she is surprised when she is grabbed by an Indian.

Hunt McAllister is trying to save Glynna from a rampaging bull. He wants to help her get to Dry Creek. Her aunt's friend invites Glynna to the McAllisters' ranch to continue her work. Hunt is surly as a coverup for his attraction to Glynna. He knows what white women think of half-breeds.

When Glynna is kidnapped by renegade Comanches, Hunt tracks her to his cousin, Painted Horse's camp. He can only persuade Painted Horse to release Glynna by claiming her as his woman and paying a bride price, his prize stallion, for her return.

They must stay in camp as husband and wife and Glynna decides to make it a real marriage. But Hunt is forced to fight for Glynna before they return to the ranch where her fiancé is waiting.

Shocking secrets, pride and prejudice drive them apart, yet passion and the power of love bring Glynna and Hunt together to find their destiny.

HALF-BREED'S LADY is the first ever illustrated romance. It is a fast-paced frying-pan-into-the-fire adventure that runs the gamut of emotions, from laughter to tears. A must-read for Ms. Smith's fans, and a definite keeper. SENSUAL (Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager