Image of Half-Hitched


Image of Half-Hitched
HALF-HITCHED (4) by Isabel Sharpe: In this fun and lighthearted installation of the Wrong Bed series, boring actuary Addie Sewell heads to her childhood friend’s Maine wedding and decides to get out of her predictable rut by rekindling a romance with newly single Kevin Ames, “the one that got away.” But she is surprised to find that sparks are instead flying with the groom’s friend, playboy charter yacht owner Derek Bates. After she mistakenly (and nudely!) crawls into Derek’s bed, thinking it is Kevin’s, an embarrassing flurry of feelings surface that neither she nor Derek can deny. They set on a steamy course, headed straight for either paradise or the rocks. Addie and Derek are relatable and engaging, and readers will root for their happy ending.
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson