Climbing into the trunk of a strangers car is a dumb thing to do, but Amy is desperate. She has discovered that her boss Dexxter Foxx was running a phony company. Despite precautions, the safe house where she was hiding was blown up and the Federal Marshall protecting her was killed. Amy only escaped because she had slipped next door to rescue a little dog named Jiggs.

Now Jiggs and Amy are on the run and heading for Miami. Unfortunately, their car is soon involved in a horrible accident. As the other bodies are burned beyond recognition, Amy is mistakenly identified as the driver, Shelly Ralston. Amys own injuries are severe and her face is badly damaged.

Afraid for her life, Amy keeps quiet about her true identity. But becoming Shelly Ralston is not a very pleasant task. Shelly was emotionally disturbed and had recently been stalking investigative reporter Matt Jensen.

As Amy/Shelly recovers, Matt is confused by his attraction to her. The near-death experience has apparently made a new woman of Shelly.

Meanwhile, Dexxter Foxx is still searching for Amy and the trail is leading him closer to Half Moon Bay.

Meryl Sawyer cranks up the heat and tension in her newest romantic thriller. HALF MOON BAY cements Ms. Sawyers position as one of the best spinners of romance and suspense. (Mar., 432 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith