Image of Half Past Dead


Image of Half Past Dead

These zombie stories stand out in
a genre dominated by vampires.
The two tales of lovers reunited
feature strong, courageous women
who won't let zombies stand in the way of getting their man. Archer's imaginative and unusual tale will have you cheering for the characters, while D'Arc delivers a creepy and pulse-pounding story of danger.

Archer's Crimean War historical, The Undying Heart, finds childhood friends Sam and Cassandra teaming up against an evil military leader who uses a mysterious artifact to resurrect the war-dead as zombies. Cassandra's love and faith in Sam bring him comfort after years of despair.

In D'Arc's contemporary story Simon Says, a government experiment backfires, turning a group of Marines into zombies. Simon is the lone zombie hunter who must track down these skilled and high-functioning zombies. Doctor Mariana Daniels, caught in the path of the creatures, was abandoned by Simon three years ago when he started this mission. Their old attraction and feelings are reignited despite the danger.

(BRAVA, Jan., 320 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan