Abigail Cabot knows more about the stars than she does about men, but she yearns for love and finds the man of her dreams at a White House wedding. Lt. Butler does not seem to notice her limp, but he does take notice of her beautiful sister.

Wanting to impress Lt. Butler, Abigail finds she must turn to the arrogant, insufferable Jamie Calhoun for help. The congressman is known for his fine speeches and charm, and when he sees Abigail in need of assistance, he offers it because he needs her fathers support.

As their relationship changes from friendship to much more, Abigail begins to question her infatuation for Lt. Butler. But there are obstacles to overcome and many personal problems to solve before these Abigail and Jamie can reach the stars.

Consummate storyteller Susan Wiggs continually crafts clever stories with an astute eye for character, time and place. Readers will feel they are back in the 19th century as Ms. Wiggs breathes life, animation and a great romance into the drama and glamour of the gilded age. HALFWAY TO HEAVEN is a shining star in Ms. Wiggs constellation. SENSUAL (Oct., 399 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin