Image of Halfway Hexed (A Southern Witch Novel)


Image of Halfway Hexed (A Southern Witch Novel)

Halfway Hexed is another addition to Frost’s delightfully entertaining Southern Witch series. It starts at a frantic pace and doesn’t slow down. In fact, it might be a little too action-packed, but it’s still 100 percent entertaining and satisfying. For readers who have been frustrated with the lack of resolution between Tammy Jo and Bryn Lyons, this is the book they’ve been waiting for. Finally, the romance really steams up and love takes hold. Sassy, sexy and seriously fun.

Tammy Jo Trask is accustomed to chaos. She’s fought faeries, werewolves, witches and of course, crazy townspeople. However, she’s never had to manage apocalyptic disasters, Bryn’s ex-girlfriend and a clan of citizens determined to defend Duvall against witches all at once. Tammy Jo must finally decide what Bryn means to her and how far she’s willing to go for him. Tammy Jo holds the secret to Bryn’s past in her hands: She knows what happened to his mother so long ago. The only way for them to uncover the truth is to finally trust each other completely. Tammy Jo must let go of her family’s warnings to stay away from Bryn and trust her love and her abilities. Together, their magic is unstoppable — but it might just come at a price. (BERKLEY, Feb., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton