After her father's death, a desperate Sara Young contacts her maternal grandfather. Sara is stunned to learn that she has inherited a fortune. Now that she is an heiress, her ruthless stepbrother, Titus, sets his sights on marriage and Sara needs to find a way to save her virtue and her money.

Sara heads for the Halfway House Hotel hoping to meet the man she will marry, Archibald.

Jericho Wilde is on a mission of revenge. He arrives at the Halfway Hotel ready to kill the man who murdered his sister, but when he realizes that Sara needs his help he sets aside his thirst for vengeance and saves her from ruin.

Each senses something special and vulnerable in the other, yet each has their own goals. When disaster strikes, Jericho offers to marry Sara and send her to his plantation, Wilde Oaks, so she will be safe from her Titus.

Revenge, old enemies, jealousy and even pride continually drive the lovers apart. Until they vanquish their foes they cannot find happiness.

While HALFWAY HOME is filled with sexual tension and humor, the plot moves slowly. Sometimes it is difficult for the reader to follow the characters' motivation, but their search for love, while elusive at first, triumphs in the end to the reader's satisfaction. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner