A chance encounter on an airplane creates a bond between two people who are slowly rebuilding their lives. Coincidentally, both Maggie Connell and Scott Bishop have lost their beloved spouses. Annie, to cancer, and Mark, in the line of duty. Also, by coincidence, architect Scott and interior decorator Maggie have both placed bids on the same project in Cape Hope, MA. And both are counting on this project to advance their careers.

Seven-year-old Ryan Connell can see and talk to his deceased father. Hes tried to convince his mother, but she assumes that Ryan cant let go of his grief. And when Scott comes into their lives, Ryan is able to communicate with Annie Bishop as well.

While Annie realizes that for Maggie, Ryan and Scotts sake, its time they learn to love again, Mark is not quite ready to let go. However when underhanded dealings threaten to sabotage Scott and Maggies chances for success, Mark decides it is time to employ some ghostly intervention.

The healing power of love is the central theme of Ms. Harts wonderful tale of second chances. HALFWAY TO PARADISE is a true charmer. (Apr., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith