Image of Hallowed Ground (Julie Collins Series #2)


Image of Hallowed Ground (Julie Collins Series #2)

Hard-drinking, chain-smoking P.I. Julie Collins has a fascinating, multidimensional personality, as do all the characters in this story. Armstrong's writing continues to be fresh and exciting in the second book of this series.

Excitement comes calling for Julie when Tony Martinez hires her to find his friend's 5-year-old niece. At first glance, the case appears to be a simple kidnapping by the father in an ongoing custody battle. But deeper investigation reveals there's much more to the case. Julie's digging puts her own life -- as well as the lives of those around her -- in jeopardy. Can she unearth the truth before the killer strikes again? (MEDALLION, Nov. '06, 476 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson