Halloween comes a bit early this year as Sandra Heath delves into the machinations of an evil witch determined to destroy a handsome nobleman.

Years ago Meg Ashton was burned at the stake for witching to death the wife and unborn child of the lord who destroyed her place of worship to Hecate, goddess of the black arts. But she is not dead after all. Her spirit lurks in the last standing stone of the original circle, waiting to wreak her vengeance.

Her chance finally comes on the 200th anniversary of her burning. Materializing as a wanton beauty, she centers her revenge around a magic charm she creates from the personal seal of the current Lord Montacute. But her plans go awry when she loses the talisman and it falls into the possession of Miss Verity Windsor, a beautiful local lass. Instead of focusing the attentions of the handsome lord on the witch, it causes him to fall in love with Verity.

Even more infuriated, the witch strikes back. Will she destroy their happiness forever, or will someone realize what is happening and find a way to defeat this evil?

Although the lovers perform mainly as pawns, Ms. Heath spins a fascinating tale that will make you think twice about turning out the lights. (Sept., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer