From a beloved boyfriend who’s turned into a scarecrow to a paranormal romance that includes artifacts and aliens, there’s a little something here for everyone who enjoys the “things that go bump in the night” in this Jewels of the Quill Halloween anthology.

Raffin’s “The Scarecrow and Ms. Moon” is filled with humor and romance, as Jessie’s coven arrives at her home to punish her for changing her beloved boyfriend into a scarecrow. In Lloyd’s “Cuddly,” we meet true hero Dr. Sam Farber, who has had a rough Halloween Eve in the E.R. At the Crown & Anchor bar, he meets up with someone who could, perhaps, inject some light into his dark day. “Paper Tiger” is Wiesner’s fifth Kaleidoscope offering. (This story is also featured in Wiesner’s anthology titled Kaleidoscope Series, reviewed in the contemporary romance section) In Toombs’ “The Charmer,” book nine in the North of Nonesuch series, we meet spirit animals, and learn how they help to conquer an enemy walking the Earth. “Mistress of the Shadow Hounds” by Carter has anthropologist Gregory Ward involved with a young woman whose uncle has passed away, leaving behind an old Victorian mansion and a talisman that many would kill to own. (WHISKEY CREEK, Sep., 291 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Amy Lignor