Miller's stories transport readers into another world, and the awesome finale to the Godspeaker trilogy is no exception. The disastrous collision of two
disparate cultures -- one warlike, the other peaceful -- creates a dynamic confrontation that will leave readers breathless. Her deeply complex characters, revelations and plot twists will keep you
on the edge of your seat and cheering.

When the King of Ethrea dies, his daughter Rhian takes the throne, but a woman has never ruled before, and the noblemen refuse to accept her.

Meanwhile, Hekat, the ruthless empress who believes she rules with divine authority, leads the warhost of Mijak to conquer Ethrea. No one believes Mijak is a real threat, and with her friends in disgrace and her husband estranged, Rhian is helpless to defend her kingdom. Only the mysterious Emperor Han knows they're in real danger -- but can Rhian trust him? (ORBIT, Jan., 560 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski