Berg tackles the familiar story of Jesus' conception, birth and early life. While the basic story is somewhat predictable,
it is told from the perspective of a young Mary and Joseph. This puts the events on a personal level for the reader. Berg pays attention to biblical details, yet adds a contemporary touch. The story moves slowly at times and jumps between time periods make for awkward chapter endings. However, vivid descriptions and beautiful storytelling make this a book that's sure to delight loyal fans.

Mary and Joseph meet as teens. Though from different backgrounds, they can tell there's a connection between them. Their parents encourage the relationship and begin to plan a wedding. Mary's friends seem more excited about the wedding than Mary, who feels she's losing her freedom. Her feelings change after she's visited by an angel, who tells her she will give birth to the son of God and he will be named Jesus.

The baby's conception is only the beginning of the prophesies foretold by the prophets. Mary's committed Christian beliefs are at odds with Joseph's wavering faith.Can their relationship to survive, and thrive, when Joseph refuses to believe in miracles? (RANDOM HOUSE, Nov., 176 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie McKee