The last in the Bride's Necklace trilogy is a wondrous story of love lost and found. It took years for Rafael, the Duke of Sheffield, to realize the mistake he made in believing that his beloved Dani had been unfaithful. Now she is on her way to America to marry another and he's determined to stop her.

Rafe manages to get Dani into a compromising situation, forcing their marriage. But he can't compel her to suddenly trust him after years of bearing his anger. In an attempt to woo and win her heart, Rafe gives Dani a magnificent necklace, hoping its rumored remarkable powers will bring them closer together.

Dani secretly prays that she and Rafe will have a second chance and that the necklace holds the key to happiness. But there is one secret she holds that could destroy their newfound love unless Rafe and his mother can find it in their hearts to forgive her for not being the "perfect wife."

Tenderness and compassion leap off the pages as Martin skillfully brings you into Dani and Rafe's heartwrenching and beautiful love story. You'll be utterly captivated at Martin's talent for creating a masterful, emotional and unforgettable experience. SENSUAL (Jan., 408 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin