Hands-on research is the best way to learn, right? Sex educator Lara McKenzie practices what she preaches, but only by self-pleasuring. No partners for her--she's been burned by too many guys who just want to bed the teacher.

Freelancer Mark Whitman wants to score big with Total Man Magazine by writing about the annual Masturbation-athon winner. He's a career guy all the way and wants a writing contract, not a relationship. His editor likes what Mark has written and tells him that if he can get winner Lara to co-write a monthly column, he will get a contract.

Mark assumes that Lara is not going to be receptive to the offer, so he decides to befriend her. But, whoa, is she hot! What's wrong with a hop in the sack if it scratches both their itches and gets him that contract?

This is a neat story about a couple's desires leading them astray, and what can follow if honesty prevails. Energizing sexual tension, a cute-if-befuddled heroine and a man smart enough to know when he's done wrong bring this story alive for the reader. (dl $4.45)
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