Nicholas Sinclair is even more of a rogue than his notorious brothers, but he meets his match in his cousins Irish-American friend, Sheridan Delaney.

Sheridan cannot resist an invitation to visit England. But when her family insists she take her relatives with her, only trouble can ensue. From the moment she lands in England, mayhem follows close behind and Sheridan finds herself incarcerated.

Nicholas is searching for his cousin's best friend when he meets a beautiful young woman by the docks. Not knowing who she is (and since she's using an assumed name), Nicholas works his devilish charm on the innocent and seduces her. But when he goes to get Sheridan out of jail he discovers his mistake.

Her fiery temper, intelligence and beauty nearly turn Nicholass life upside down. Then he has to contend with her dotty uncle's escapades, plus his familys schemes to coax him out of bachelorhood.

Therere plenty of sparks flying in Melanie George's charming romance. Though a bit slow to start, her hero and heroine are delightful; this tale will appeal to anyone who enjoys character-driven love stories, humor and poignant emotions. SENSUAL (Jul., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin