HANDYMAN takes the over-the-top premise of accidental impersonation and runs with it. Ms. Nichols has written a story that is at times humorous, outlandish and uplifting!

Jake Cooper of Cooper & Jackson Construction Co. can't believe the mess hes gotten himself into. While he and his partner are remodeling a psychologist's office, a distraught young woman enters.

When single mom Maggie Ivey bursts into the office and starts spilling her guts she finds Dr. Golding extremely sympathetic. Maggie is at the end of her rope. Her 4-year-old son needs a tonsillectomy, she's being sexually harrassed at her job and her apartment complex is unsafe. After the session, she leaves, feeling worlds better. But Jake is stunned.

Fearful that revealing the mistake will send poor Maggie over the edge, Jake convinces himself it would be better to try and assist Maggie in her overhaul.

(Nov., 224 pp., $7.99—Hardcover released February 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith