HANNAH'S BEAU (4) by Renee Ryan: Chicago, 1883. Hannah Southerland likes being on stage; her reverend father, not so much. When Hannah's twin sister runs off with Tyler O'Toole, a member of the same acting troupe, only one person can help locate them, Rev. Beau, Tyler's brother. Beau doesn't care much for performers, even though his parents and brother act. He firmly believes if a woman is an actress and doesn't have the support of her family, she will, at the end of her career, be working in a brothel. Hannah and Beau have to put their mistrust behind them to locate their siblings and have a future together. With book two in her Charity House series, Ryan writes with passion and love, as always. She knows what readers expect and never disappoints.

Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans