Fifteen-year-old Hannah Roberts lives life from activity to activity, hiding from cold and distant parents who give her everything money can buy. Yet she cannot shake a distant memory of her younger years when someone loved her like a true daddy. Where does this memory come from? As the Christmas holiday nears, Hannah's mother shares the shocking news that the man she's now married to is not Hannah's real father.

Hannah plunges into a quest to find Mike Connor, a helicopter pilot in war-torn Iraq. The search becomes the media event of the holiday, especially when Mike's latest assignment sends him into mortal danger. And even if Hannah finds him in time, she worries that the warm and loving daddy she remembers will no longer care about her.

Kingsbury has a gift for emotion-grabbing characters and situations, but she doesn't always deliver on plot. If the reader can overlook a glaring contradiction, the remaining elements of the book are enjoyable. (Oct., 162 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson