Image of Hannah's List (A Blossom Street Novel)


Image of Hannah's List (A Blossom Street Novel)

Told with Macomber's customary
authority and skill, this story will engage many with its well-rounded characters and flashes of humor. Unfortunately, Michael's not terribly sympathetic much of the time, and not even the frequent use of his first-person viewpoint changes that.

A year ago, pediatrician Dr. Michael Everett lost his wife Hannah to cancer. Still grieving, unable to think about moving on, Michael's caught by surprise when Hannah's brother gives him a letter from her. In it, Hannah states in no uncertain terms that she wants Michael to marry again, and lists three women who might suit: her cousin, Winter Adams; her oncology nurse, Leanne Lancaster; and Macy Roth, an artist he doesn't know.

Eventually able to convince himself that Hannah's right, Michael approaches them in turn, seeing Winter and Leanne socially and hiring Macy to paint a mural in his office. Each has baggage, too -- and as much reason to avoid love as Michael has -- but only one has what it takes to steal his heart, if he can bring himself to give it up. (MIRA, May, 416 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer