Thoughts of revenge and escape have kept Quinn Landry alive in prison. Quinn takes his chance at freedom the night a priest and two nuns come the penitentiary to investigate the deaths of dozens of prisoners; he takes a young nun hostage.

The daughter of a con man, Hannah Benning knows how to pick locks and make explosives, but she enjoys the serenity of being a novice in the convent. To Quinn, Hannah is a gift, his savior who rescued him from hell, but she is also his captive. He pledges no harm will come to her, and he keeps his vow when they run across a band of Mexican outlaws who hate the prison warden as much as Quinn does.

Though Hannah vows to return to the convent, she feels tied to Quinn and their new friends. When the warden arrives at the cantina where they are living, she helps get them away from danger, but ties herself more closely to Quinn, and follows him back home to face the demons from his past. Only when the ghosts of both their lives have been exorcised can they find peace.

Emotionally powerful and crafted around a plot with a fresh twist, HANNAH'S VOW is a non-stop read. Pam Crooks brings every character, every danger, every ordeal to life through her vivid descriptions and snappy dialogue. This is one author whose star is rising fast. SENSUAL (Apr., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin