Sophia Vanderwahl is outraged when she discovers her fianci, Harlen Penn, is a philandering fortune hunter using her fathers money to fund his expeditions. Determined to tell Penn what she thinks of him, Sophia plans to sail to South America.

Seeking passage on Jack MacAuleys ship the Miss Deed seems like the perfect plan. Little does she care that Jack is looked upon as a charlatan in the field of anthropology. She knows he needs her money to fund his expedition and offers him $10,000 to take her to the Yucatan.

Jack is desperate for the money and cannot abide Harlen, who stole his ideas and grant money. The beautiful Sophia intrigues Jack from the start.

The voyage is one hilarious escapade after another as Jack and Sophia struggle in vain to keep the fires of an all consuming love from becoming a raging tempest.

Once again, Tanya Anne Crosby gifts readers with a love story to cherish. Her amazing gift for spinning a colorful yarn will enthrall as the reader is swept away on the waves of Jack and Sophias heartwarming voyage of discovery. SENSUAL (Dec., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor