Lynn LaFleur's HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY offers a potpourri of sizzling hot romance. Each uniquely crafted story radiates with its own special blend of exotic nectar.

Jake's wife, Amanda, fantasizes about being part of a ménage a trois. With help from his cousin Patrick, Jake turns Amanda's dreams into reality in The Birthday Gift.

While searching for a birthday card, Catherine doesn't anticipate finding one featuring the man of her dreams. When she takes it home, he magically comes to life in It's in the Cards.

It's Lindsay's 30th birthday and she decides to seduce Sam McKeifer. One night of sex is all she wanted; she never expected he had One Thing to Give her—his heart.

Linc plans to spend his birthday in an isolated cabin. In Unexpected, his plans are changed when a spaceship carrying the enchanting Chandra falls from the sky.

(May, 296 pp., dl $6.20)

Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley