What do you do when God seems more important to your parents than you do? That's
the battle that's raged for the three Mossman children since childhood. For
Julie, it meant she became the child who did the right
things and always put others first. Peter, on the other hand,
became the rebel, turning from God and resenting his parents. Perhaps Debbie is
the one who suffered the most. And as they gather at her hospital bedside, they begin a
journey to THE HAPPY ROOM (4). Will the wounds of their past keep Debbie from
surviving the disease that threatens to destroy her? Catherine Palmer is the diva
of heartbreak fiction! So much so, that I could not finish this book for the
tears. The story was so painfully real, it was like watching three wounded souls
struggle for air. There's no happy ending in the pages of the book, yet God's
love and grace is greater than all their struggles. (Feb., 350pp., $16.97)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston