Image of Hara's Legacy (Resonance Mates)


Image of Hara's Legacy (Resonance Mates)

This riveting read delivers a solid plot with emotional and physical intensity. The dynamic of three brothers sharing one woman provides lots of menage scenes that will leave you breathless. The characters' strong feelings and sacrifices will have you believing in the power of love.

Caleb O'Hara used his precognitive abilities to save his family from the alien attack that killed many others. Now he lives on an isolated ranch with his wife, Jane, and younger brothers, Justin and Mick.

Shocking new visions reveal that the fate of humanity hinges on the birth of two babies fathered by Justin. All three brothers love Jane, but can they come to terms with what they must do to survive? (SAMHAIN, Mar., 256 pp., $13.50)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski