Image of Harbor Lights (Chesapeake Shores)


Image of Harbor Lights (Chesapeake Shores)

Timely in terms of plot and deeply
emotional, the third Chesapeake
Shores book is quite absorbing. The characters are handled well and have real chemistry -- as well as a way
with one-liners.

Thirteen months ago, Kevin O'Neill's wife Georgia was killed while serving as a medic in Iraq. The former paramedic returned to his hometown, Chesapeake Shores, and has been a virtual hermit since, entrusting the care of his 2-year-old son Davy to his family. Now they're pressuring Kevin to move on with his life, or to at least consider the future.

Befriending Shanna Carlyle, who's new in town and opening a bookstore, is a big step. However, the well-meant meddling of his family and some of the locals is almost enough to send Kevin back into hiding. But not quite! Shanna's still recovering from a painful divorce and has a secret she's sure Kevin won't understand. Can the two find a way to be together? First Shanna has to earn Kevin's trust, and that's not going to be easy. (MIRA, Jun., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer