Following her mother's divorce and her own disillusionment with her father, Norah Stevens has relocated to the small town of Misty Harbor, Maine.

Wanting a new start in life, Norah and her mother, Joanna, buy a cottage and start settling in. But it is the third member of their trio, Zsa Zsa the Pomeranian, who introduces Norah to their neighbor's son, Ned Porter. Like all of the Porters, Ned is big, tall and handsome. For petite Norah, Ned's size stirs up unwelcome residual feelings of fear. Ned, meanwhile, is immediately attracted to the lively Norah, but the fear he sees in her eyes has him at a loss.

Can mother and daughter let go of the past and start building a new future? They will if the men of Misty Harbor have anything to say about it.

If ever there were a perfect place for healing and starting over, fictional Misty Harbor is it. Evanick's enchanting series never skimps on humanity, warmth and romance. A guaranteed mood-lifter! (Sep., 304 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith