Image of A Hard Day's Knight (Nightside)


Image of A Hard Day's Knight (Nightside)

This is an extremely entertaining read full of hilarious in-jokes (this reviewer is exceedingly fond of the Teletubbies one) that fans of this series will find satisfying. John Taylor continues to be a sympathetic protagonist with a talent for pushing people over the edge, and one of the highlights is his deepening relationship with Suzie Shooter and the potential ramifications for future books in the series.

John Taylor, private investigator, denizen of the Nightside, and the new Voice of the Authorities, comes home one day and discovers that he’s received a most unusual delivery: Excalibur. John doesn’t know why the sword chose him and neither does anyone else. He winds up in the strange position of having to go to London Proper to find answers. From the Knights of the Round Table, more or less. What John discovers is weirder and more dangerous than he could ever have expected and, as usual, he finds himself at the center of a mess much larger than he anticipated, and the only way out of it is through it. (ACE, Jan., 304 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs