Image of The Hard-to-Get Cowboy


Image of The Hard-to-Get Cowboy
THE HARD-TO-GET COWBOY (3) by Crystal Green: Ex-beauty queen Laila Cates is not looking to get married until she gives “life” a serious chance first. Besides, men seem to only see her for her physical beauty. Handsome Texas oil man Jackson Traub feels the same way about marriage and is more than willing to revel in his playboy reputation. Laila and Jackson start seeing each other knowing they have similar feelings about marriage, but their hearts begin to change as their feelings for each other grow -- he, seeing beyond her beauty and she, seeing beyond his reputation. They also see a future that could include marriage, but each is afraid that the other doesn’t. Strong, solid characters make an otherwise predictable plot interesting.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates