The eighth Incognito book opens with plenty of action. But things slow down after the initial scene until almost midway through, and the dialogue seems repetitive. Overall, however, interesting characters and expertly written action scenes will keep your attention and pique interest for the next book.

Dez Luttino graduated at the top of his class in the Network and plans to continue his meteoric rise to the very top. His loyalty to the Network is unwavering, until an old crush re- enters his life.

Nova Granger's troubled past sometimes affects her ability to carry out her missions. When she moves next door to the only man to whom she has ever been attracted, will the building sexual tension survive the truth behind their reunion? Or will the secrets revealed in their next mission end the relationship and their lives? (WHISKEY CREEK, Jan., 260 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart