Image of Hard to Hold: (Hard to Hold Trilogy Book 1)


Image of Hard to Hold: (Hard to Hold Trilogy Book 1)

Get ready for two complicated characters in a dangerous and complex situation. Tyler's hero and heroine have some serious emotional baggage, which makes
it all the more engaging to watch them learn to trust one another. While this has
a military plot, which is quite dark at times, it's better than other military romances because the focus is on the romance and the mystery surrounding the characters, not operations and jargon. Tyler kicks romantic suspense up
a notch with this one.

Deep in the jungle of Africa, Lt. Jake Hansen finds Dr. Isabelle Markham naked and barely breathing. Their bond is instantly forged, and two months later, he's asked by his boss to protect Isabelle from the man who beat and raped her in Africa. Isabelle believes she's safe and that her attacker has been captured, but he's on the loose and hunting Isabelle.

Jake has been ordered to keep this truth from her. Once she finds out he's been lying to her, he fears she'll break off their relationship, the first good one he's ever had. As darkness and danger surround them, will Isabelle give into her love for Jake, or will his betrayal push her farther away? (DELL, Dec., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton