Image of Hard to Hold (True Vows)


Image of Hard to Hold (True Vows)

This True Vows romance — the novelization of how a real-life relationship came to be — is a lovely story that shows that love can overcome many obstacles, both physical and those having to do with personality, when the time is right and the chemistry clicks.

When crime reporter Anne Miller literally bumps into Michael Davoli, a friend of her girlfriend Shane, introductions are made and Anne feels a connection. Michael turns down an offer to join Anne and her friends for drinks, but the encounter stays in her thoughts. Michael refused the invite because of allergies that tend to aggravate his Tourette’s syndrome. It’s two months before they meet again; this time Michael’s moving into Anne’s apartment building. When they finally get together, their instant attraction is offset by Mike’s obsession with neatness and Anne’s less-than-major interest in housekeeping. Can these two opposites make a match? (HEALTH, Nov., 252 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley