Image of Hard As Nails


Image of Hard As Nails

In this one-author anthology each story fits neatly with its predecessor. All use the same under-construction home as a pivotal plot and setting point -- and not a room in it is left unchristened by these lusty couples. Dimon's characters are written with the usual wit, flaws and entertaining dialogue. All the loose ends tie up neatly into one pleasing package.

Cole Carruthers is deadlocked in his company's project house with the beautiful Aubrey, the granddaughter of the previous owner. When they both refuse to vacate the premises, attraction flares in the entertaining "This Old House."

Real estate rehabber Adam Thomas' elaborate ploy to get "the one who got away" back is right on track. Except for one small problem: the reason Becky ran away. "All About Adam" is full of sexual tension.

Foreman Ray Hammond literally moves in on the new owner of the house with a double agenda: more time to work on the house and more time to work on artist Erin. "Man at the Door" is tender and sweet. (Brava, Jul., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen