Image of Hard Time


Image of Hard Time

McKenna has crafted an intense, at times dark, heated romance. Eric's letters to Annie are simply beautiful and build to a physical and emotional relationship that is completely addictive. The author approaches inmate life with sensitivity and is careful not to sensationalize relationships between inmates and women on the outside, which gives Annie and Eric's relationship greater depth.

Public librarian Annie Goodhouse has created a new, albeit lonely, life for herself in suburban Michigan after leaving her abusive ex. When she takes on a new position as the outreach librarian for a nearby correctional facility, she's nervous, yet eager to help inmates with their reading and writing skills. But her gaze keeps wandering towards one reserved, handsome felon — Eric Collier. When Eric begins sneaking her the most intimate of love letters, Annie is overwhelmed by long-buried feelings she hasn't experienced in years. When she returns his letters with sensual missives of her own, the two begin a very forbidden exchange. Soon, Eric is unexpectedly granted early parole and Annie must decide if she's willing to make their written words a reality. (INTERMIX, dl. $3.99)

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Elisa Verna