The members of the Free Fellows League have vowed to never fall in love or marry, but they're not doing so well with their pledge. Already two of the fellows have been lost and a third is about to go.

After she is thrown out of her home, vicar's daughter Sarah Eckersley heads for London and the one man she knows, her childhood friend, who can help her earn a living as a courtesan.

Jarrod, the sixth Marquess of Shepherdston, is shocked by Sarah's outrageous proposal. He has no desire to tutor a virtuous young woman in the ways of love. But he will help her escape an unwanted marriage. All too soon, however, Jarrod finds himself caught in her silken web, offering her his protection.

We all know the bigger they are the harder they fall, and as leader of the Free Fellows League, Jarrod is going to fall very hard for the delightful, innocent and very seductive Sarah. A tale that's sweet, sensual and just plain fun. SENSUAL (Oct., 302 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin