Image of Hardly Knew Her: Stories


Image of Hardly Knew Her: Stories

The only thing better than a Lippman story is a collection of them. Her unique voice is present in all these tales, which have a surprising, and often chilling, twist. Fans of Lippman's Tess Monaghan series will be pleased to know that there are three featuring the plucky Baltimore P.I.

Sixteen short stories and one novella comprise this collection. In "Scratch a Woman," prostitute and madam Heloise runs her business in a quiet middle-class neighborhood where she's raising her young son. But Heloise's half-sister Meghan has some serious issues -- and interesting ways of dealing with them. In the title story, 16-year-old Sofia comes from a dysfunctional family headed by her gambler father, who'll sell anything that belongs to the family to have enough money to play poker. Sofia eventually finds a way to stop him from taking her things. (MORROW, Oct., 304 pp., $23.95)
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Barb Anderson