For 10 years, Penelope Blayne Lisbourne has managed to live without her husband, Jason Lisbourne, Earl of Rocksley. Penny once was her Aunt Cass' companion, but now that her aunt has died, she's penniless. Penny has often fantasized about what life could have been like if she and Jason remained together. Now she must appeal to him to provide her with a home and a small income. Blair Bancroft spends a great deal of time explaining the circumstances leading to their marriage and separation. It's time that would have been better spent developing their new relationship. Penny's soul-searching and Jason's angst do help readers understand their motivations. For a pleasant afternoon read, The Harem Bride (3) tells a warm story of two people brought together. (Jul., 224 pp., 4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor