Dickens gets a sexy twist in this anthology, giving three angels-in-waiting a chance to provide three ladies the opportunity to land their sexy grooms before the stroke of midnight. The stories neatly dovetail, and each is charming, sexy and so overtly romantic that your heart will flutter.

In “Yesterday’s Bride” by Krahn, after her betrothed’s death, Claire Halliday set her heart on a shelf and stepped back from romance to cater to her adopted family’s quirks — until a kiss under the mistletoe with a near stranger strikes a chord that she’s unable to resist. D’Alessandro channels Shakespeare with “Today’s Longing,” a comedy of errors. Adelaide Kendall is in love —unfortunately, it’s with a man promised to her sister. Her sister is in love with another. Adding to the complications, the gentleman of Adelaide’s affections has his own idea about whom he should marry. It’s going to take a little heavenly inspiration to sort this one out. In “Tomorrow’s Destiny” by Tarr, Fiona MacPherson’s guardian angel has her hands full with the young lady who’s resigned to being an old maid. Can a glimpse of a lonely, bitter future send her into the arms of the man she should have met five years ago — and a life she longs for? (HARLEQUIN, Nov., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper