Image of The Harlot


Image of The Harlot

Take one gorgeous rogue seeking vengeance and a desperate woman charged with witchcraft, toss them together with a healthy dose of lust and you’ve got an enticing tale of revenge, justice and magic.

When a girl has to do anything to survive, being a whore could come in handy, especially when one man needs her services to trap his enemy. Jessie Taskill knows her gift for witchcraft could be her undoing, so when a mysterious man dressed as a minister offers to break her out of jail in exchange for a favor, she agrees. Gregor Ramsay has waited over a decade to get justice for his family from the man who destroyed them. The feisty woman he finds brawling in the local tavern fits his plans perfectly — if he can keep her from being burned as a witch. (SPICE, Jun., 335 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper