When Murphy Magee sells his warehouse building to both prim and proper Edwina Huntington and rough and rugged Tom Wolcott, it sets off quite a stir in the small town of Harmony, Montana.

After completing college in Chicago, Edwina had hoped to take a job in Denver, but with bills to pay, she stays in Harmony and opens a "finishing" school for young women who want to learn about society outside of Harmony.

A wild and wooly sportsman, Tom plans to open a sporting goods shop in the warehouse and having to share the space with Edwina is not in his plans. But share they do. They divide the building in half (well, almost in half). As his soap-eating dog and her runaway cat get under foot and tempers flare, something else begins to happen.

A grudging respect slowly turns to desire, first for Tom, then for Edwina. But Edwina has her priorities and getting married is not high on the list. Even though she loves Tom and becomes his lover, she will not give up her dream of independence and he will have to come around to her way of thinking.

Harmony is a laugh-out-loud read. Stef Ann Holm has created the most warm-hearted, heart-stirring romance of the season. Her humor is delightful, her characters are marvelous and her talents shine in this absolutely not-to-be-missed story that blends the atmosphere of an Americana romance with the funniest stuff around. The book has its own form of perfection. Hurrah for Ms. Holm! SENSUAL (Dec., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin