Image of Harmony Cabins (A Finding Home Novel)


Image of Harmony Cabins (A Finding Home Novel)

In the second book in Hart’s Finding Home series, the disparate souls coming together in Trinity Falls make for a classic love story. The loss of a child is the hard reality the hero is dealing with when he meets the woman who leads him out of his dark place. A second storyline is presented in the evolution of Doreen, who finds that her independence and identity are being questioned. As in many small towns, there are secrets to be revealed. The author also gives insight on romance between 60-somethings that is enlightening and reminds everyone that love is not exclusively for the young.

Jackson Sansbury has buried his grief over the death of his young daughter by renovating Harmony Cabins and cutting himself off from the town that his ancestors founded. The Cabins’ only occupant right now, songwriter Audra Lane, is fighting a major case of writer’s block. Audra turns out to be just what Jack needs to ease his grief, and he becomes an inspiration for her to continue her work. Meanwhile bakery owner Doreen Fever is convinced that she is the best candidate for mayor until an unexpected opponent enters the race. Jack and Audra fight their way through exes to be together. Doreen, however, is still in search of the right balance to make her life fulfilling — but she’s got plenty of support in Trinity Falls. (DAFINA, Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins