After the Battle of Fredericksburg, Yankee Captain Thomas Harrigan decides to check on a college classmates family. Confederate or not, he owes his friend Guyre Thomas that much.

He finds Guyres mother dead and his sister Abiah burning up with fever. He takes her to the nearest town for help and discovers that his very presence has ruined her reputation. In order to save face, Thomas proposes.

Abbie is so ill that Thomas returns to the battlefront immediately. Once she recovers Abbie has little choice but to find Thomas family in Massachusetts. Though his mother welcomes her with open arms his grandfather and ex-fiancée, Elizabeth, are none to pleased to have a Southerner in their midst.

Jealousy and treachery keep Abbie and Thomas letters from getting through and drive Abbie to run South, believing Thomas has betrayed her with Elizabeth. Only after Thomas is reported killed does Abbie realize her error, but a miracle of fate will bring these stubborn lovers together again.

Long time contemporary author Cheryl Reavis makes her historical debut with an enjoyable, though predictable romance. A fast paced tale that holds the readers attention, this story will satisfy Civil War fans seeking a short nights entertainment. SENSUAL (Dec., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager