Image of Harry St. Clair Rogue or Doctor? (Medical Romance, #500)


Image of Harry St. Clair Rogue or Doctor? (Medical Romance, #500)

HARRY ST. CLAIR: ROGUE OR DOCTOR? by Fiona McArthur (4): Bonnie McKenzie specializes in working as an outreach nurse — which has her traveling to isolated areas in Australia’s outback. But before she leaves on her new assignment she travels to Bali for a vacation. On the tropical island, Bonnie meets the handsome Harry St. Clair. Even though their time is short, she begins dating the compelling man who seems to not have a care in the world. While Harry puts on a happy-go-lucky façade, he is a tormented man. He was a physician before he lost his wife and child in a freak medical accident. Now he is unable to perform even the simplest procedure without freezing up. When Bonnie comes into his life, Harry is not expecting anything but possibly a brief fling, but the sassy nurse has Harry longing to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart and start living again. When Harry shows up at the remote hospital where Bonnie is stationed, the two must decide if they were meant for more than just an island affair. Readers will be delighted to not only get an insiders peek at the outback, but also be introduced to the exotic Bali landscape. With these lush backdrops and complex characters this is a first rate tale.

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Dawn Crowne