After Medalon's surrender to Karien invaders, Tarja and R'shiel retreat into neighboring Hythria. R'shiel has arranged the marriage of Damin Wolfblade of Hythria and Princess Adrina of Fardohnya in the hopes that their two countries will unite against the Kariens. But they face unexpected problems in the form of political unrest and other turmoil.

R'shiel, however, has other worries. As the Demon Child, she has her own destiny to fulfill: She must destroy the god Xaphista or the Harshini—magical beings formerly thought to be extinct—will be destroyed. As Damin and Tarja make a final stand against Xaphista's fanatical army, R'shiel confronts Xaphista one last time.

Fallon handles multiple storylines and a multitude of characters with ease. She has a deft touch with description, revealing varied facets of the characters with just a few well-placed words. While the basic plot is somewhat formulaic, Fallon is a gifted enough writer to bend the conventions when necessary to make her story unique. The story moves quickly and is a most satisfying conclusion to the series. (Jul., 496 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs